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Deliveries are made on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Due to the basic cost of delivery, we do require that each delivery (containing meals for 2 or 3 days) meet a threshold of $19.95. You are not required to take meal deliveries for any given delivery day, just that any delivery be of at least $19.95 or more.

Your Weekly Cost

Number of weekly meals 12
Sunday Delivery (Mon, Tue) $51.94
Tuesday Delivery (Wed, Thur) $51.94
Thursday Delivery (Fri, Sat, Sun) $0.00
Delivery SubTotal $103.88
Tax $9.66
Total Weekly Cost $113.54

First Week Cost $113.54
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What you can expect from Lean Lifestyle. View a full menu

  • Lightly seasoned grilled chicken served with your choice of vegetables and grain.

  • Egg whites, diced chicken breast, bell peppers, and low-fat cheddar cheese wrapped in a low-carb whole grain tortilla.

  • Grilled chicken, ground pepper, and romaine lettuce served with whole grain croutons and sugar/fat/gluten free Caesar dressing.

  • A rainbow of colorful peppers, onions, tender strips of seasoned steak with mini whole wheat tortillas.

  • Snack sized serving of apples, cheddar cheese, and peanut butter.

  • Tender lean roast beef with lettuce, tomato, and low-fat cheese wrapped in a low-carb whole wheat tortilla.